Hello out there.

Most of the portraits I've created professionally use photographic reference – convenient both for me and the client. But don't expect the photo you provide just enlarged and rendered in charcoal. I don't trace or use grid systems to transfer the photo's layout to the paper (I use my eyes!). The result is something a bit more, a bit different than an exact copy of the photo. You can judge for yourself from my portfolio if this is something you think you'd like.

I'm also open to doing portrait sittings. This could involve some initial sketches with the sitter and taking photos for reference, then creating the final piece in the studio studio on my own. Please contact me if you are interested this option.

Otherwise, the prices below are for the you-provide-me-a-photo-method.

~11x14: $325
~16x20: $400

- additonal figure, + 20%

- I require 1/2 the total cost at the begining of a portrait and accept Paypal and personal checks.

A note on photos: when thinking about what photo to use as reference for the drawing...

a. think about shooting in natural light rather than giving me a shot where the flashbulb is the main source of lighting.

b. think about showing me multiple photos (in a series, different angles, etc.) even if we know which I'll be using for the final composition. It helps me to see more than one shot of the subject.